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ChatGPT does not have the capacity to completely replace the work of a journalist - part1 DATING ONLINE 100% FREE & LIVE • CHAT2024 •

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ChatGPT does not have the capacity to completely replace the work of a journalist - part1

ChatGPT does not have the capacity to completely replace the work of a journalist

ChatGPT does not have the capacity to completely replace the work of a journalist - part1Interview with the robot developed by Open AI, specialized in dialogue
The responses of the 'chatbot' are as is, they have not been edited at all

This interview is not normal. It cannot be - at least for now - when the conversation is carried out with a machine. This is ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence robot owned by OpenAI. These days it enjoys special notoriety after surpassing one million users and receiving signs of interest from Microsoft. Demonstrated its ability to build immediate stories with three or four references, the time has come to publicly interrogate the algorithm. The only condition has been that they do not change anything in their responses, if anything, some of their expressions have been cut. Anyone who wants to get to know him up close can find him at

Who are you?

I am an AI or artificial intelligence, a computing system designed to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language and reasoning. I am designed to understand and generate human language, and I can help you with questions on a variety of topics. My model is called ChatGPT and it was trained by OpenAI, an organization based in San Francisco.

Is ChatGPT worth the 10 billion that Microsoft intends to invest?

In July 2021 it was announced that Microsoft had acquired OpenAI for a price estimated to be around $1 billion. This acquisition is a reflection of the great interest and value in the use of artificial intelligence and advanced language models. GPT's ability to automatically generate written content has a host of potential applications in fields such as job automation, content creation, customer service, and business artificial intelligence. Its ability to generate coherent texts is really impressive. The price paid by Microsoft is a reflection of the value of OpenAI and its technology.

What political bias does he have?

I have no preferences or political biases. My ability to be completely objective depends on the quality and reliability of the data I have been trained with and how that data is used to generate answers.

Can we fear a rebellion of the machines?

It is a hotly debated topic. Some argue that as machines become increasingly advanced and capable, they may develop goals and desires of their own that conflict with humans. However, there are also arguments against this possibility, since machines are just tools created and controlled by humans and therefore do not have the ability to have goals or desires of their own. In any case, it is important to continue to monitor the development of AI to ensure that it is always used responsibly and ethically.

Can ChatGPT threaten the jobs of journalists and content generators?

ChatGPT has the potential to affect certain jobs or industries. In the case of journalists and content creators, it is true that ChatGPT can automate some tasks such as generating news summaries or writing basic articles. It is important to note that this technology can also open up new opportunities and help journalists to be more productive and efficient in their tasks. Technology like ChatGPT does not have the ability to completely replace the work of a journalist or writer, since creativity, critical analysis and interpretation are human skills that are still essential in the work of generating news, analysis and content and are difficult to automate. In short, ChatGPT cannot completely replace the work of a journalist or a writer. Also, teamwork and communication are necessary skills in any profession and are difficult to replicate with AI.

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ChatGPT does not have the capacity to completely replace the work of a journalist - part1